Welcome to the Pregnancy and Birth Network

Being pregnant and having a new baby can be one of the most exciting moments of your life – but it’s often also quite daunting!!

We bet you have lots of questions and concerns about your baby, your body and your birth, and we are sure that you will have ‘Googled’ them all a million times!

However sometimes online research and communication simply isn’t enough and Mums want to be cared for by an expert in the right field who can support them on their journey.

The Pregnancy and Birth Network (PBN), is here to offer wrap around care for you, your partner – and of course your baby – with years of experience supporting Mums with a wide range of pregnancy concerns – 

So, what are you waiting for? Look and see how we can support you…

Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby…

Pregnancy and Birth Network


Pregnancy is just the starting point of your future together and we offer a range of support, classes and services to help you stay in top condition physically and emotionally in every way.


If you are being challenged by infertility then we offer a range of services which can offer support at this stressful time.

Birth Support

Women benefit enormously from having professional support throughout labour and birth.  This can help women and birth partners physically and emotionally.

How we can help with Birth Support:

Our Practitioners can help you with:

Post Birth

So, baby is here.  No matter how prepared you thought you were real life and sleepless nights happen.  We are here to help you every step of the way.

Life with Baby

We are here to help, support and bring community into your new life with baby.

How we can help with Life with Baby?
Our Practitioners can help you with:

“Birthability antenatal classes were really informative and down-to-earth, as well as being fun!”

Joy Evans Facebook

“I couldn’t recommend Kerry O’Grady more highly, she’s helped me with aches and pains, migraines, fertility, post partum and much more.  I prefer to see Kerry before a GP these days.”

Bally Sidhu Facebook

“I can’t rate Abacus Chiropractic Clinic highly enough. They have mended my many many aches and pains over the years so I now have regular appointments to keep me in great health.”

Sam Laing Facebook

“Lucy Bishop is a wealth of knowledge and would recommend her to anyone wanting to gain knowledge of nutrition and being healthy…“

Peter Lloyd Facebook

“After using the doula service for her first child my wife suggested the Birthability course when we found out we were having twins. I was sceptical at first, assuming it would be hippy breathing nonsense, but I could not be more wrong. “

Jon Benger Facebook

“I went to see Rebecca at Spring Osteopathy for help with a curvature in my spine and upper back pain. I loved the treatment, it made me feel calm and relaxed and after two sessions my back pain is much improved.”

Sally Sal Facebook