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The Pregnancy and Birth Network

The Pregnancy and Birth Network was founded in 2007 after realising there was a need for a space where pregnant women and new parents could go to find support for them and their baby. We are complementary health specialists based in and around Warwickshire.

Our fields of work cover a wide range of therapies and classes. These include acupuncture, antenatal classes, chiropracting, doulas, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, massage, osteopathy, reflexology, swimming, and yoga… just to name a few! Between us we have a lot of expertise and by combining our talents we make it easier for women to find the help they need. This ranges from fertility treatments through to birth and postnatal support for mum and baby.

Our strap-line Your body, your birth, your baby reflects the way we would like women to feel both during and after pregnancy. In our area, as in many others, it can be hard as well as confusing for pregnant women and new parents to find out about the services on offer. The network extends the choice available to parents by signposting them to a whole range of therapies and services, which can really make a difference, complementing those already offered by public health professionals.