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Areas: Kenilworth, Leamington Spa and Coventry

Support and Wellbeing on Your Journey to Parenthood

I have over 20 years of experience in Reflexology and Aromatherapy. My own journey to start a family had it’s challenges so this is an area I have a special interest in, having personal experience of both holistic and orthodox medicine along the way as the road was bumpy at times.

I qualified as Therapist in the late 1990s, and twenty years ago there were few specialist Practitioners in this field, although this has now changed.  I have learned much and gained lots of experience along the way.  I was a founding member of the PBN in 2007 and remain an active member.


Aromatherapy and Reflexology are excellent therapies to support you on this sometimes stressful journey.  Fertility can affect either, or both partners, and the resulting feelings of pressure and/or failure occur at a time when the balance between work and homelife can be very difficult to manage.  These therapies can play an important supporting role to one or both partners at a time when it is often empowering to feel you are taking responsibility for a part of your life when so much of it may be in the hands of the medical profession.


Reflexology can aid many pregnancy niggles.  It can help morning sickness, offer pain relief, balance hormones, reduce anxiety and aid relaxation.  It can also help to turn babies not in the optimal position for birth. Regular treatments in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy can lead to shorter, less painful labour, preparing the body for birth.  It can lead to the release of the oxytocin, the feelgood hormone, which is key to the start of labour.  If baby shows no sign of arrival, or you are being advised to consider an induction why not try Reflexology?  Not only is it non-invasive, it will relax and benefit both Mum and baby at this special time of life

Postnatal Wellbeing

After birth a woman’s body changes.  It has grown and nurtured a new person.  Hormones are still active, and emotions will vary wildly.  Sleep may be a rarity, and you are adapting to a new life as a family. Looking after yourself is as important as taking care of your baby.  Your baby needs you to be fit and well.  Aromatherapy and Reflexology can help to relax and revive you, and to take time for yourself during this transition.  They are safe, gentle and supportive and will help you to feel confident in your ability to be the best parent you can be.

I practice at Halo Physiotherapy in Kenilworth, The Cloisters Physiotherapy Clinic, in Leamington Spa, and also in Westwood Heathon the outskirts of Coventry, close to Warwick University.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to give me a call or email me.


Name:Sue Leatherdale
Company: Esscentials
Phone: 02476 474007

Phone: 07887 674850

Speciality: Aromatherapy, Reflexology
Qualifications: BA(Hons), MIFPA, MBRA

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