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Pregnancy and Birthing classes with Birthability. 

Why are Birthability Courses different ???

Because our teachers also work as birth doulas (birth coaches/planners/supporters) and they actually attend around one birth per week in a variety of homes and hospitals.

Our knowledge from supporting couples during labour is INVALUABLE for you as it constantly informs and updates our teaching – keeping it relevant and realistic.

We are understandably proud that our knowledge isn’t just taken from our own birth stories or training  – it is very much embedded in real life!

FREE Pregnancy Session 

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  We know you will be keen to start preparing for your birth as soon as possible – and our free session is a great way to start learning whilst meeting other local couples expecting at the same time as you! 

Would your partner like to feel a little more ‘involved’? This is often the first chance partners get to discuss their role during your pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.

This class is available to you from 10 weeks pregnancy and is held during the evening in Solihull – but is suitable for birthing anywhere across the region. 

What clients say about us: – “We found attending this class incredibly worthwhile. We didn’t know what to expect, but we learned so much, and got some great tips and advice on pregnancy and labour in a relaxed, non-preachy atmosphere.”

More information and to book your place online visit our website —>

Full Antenatal Classes

Our Full Antenatal course is perfect for couples who understand that preparation is essential for a better birth. Our course will introduce you to other couples expecting at the same time as you and also teach you about:

  • Discussing birth options with your partner, doula, midwives and doctors
  • How to create a great birth plan that is relevant for you
  • Recognising the different stages of labour and what to do at each one
  • Ways to encourage a normal birth, making it quicker and easier for you and baby
  • Understanding how to support yourselves if ‘Plan A’ isn’t happening
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for better birthing
  • The role and emotions of the birth partner in pregnancy, labour and early days
  • How to care for a newborn baby

Detailed class agendas can be found on our website —> 

We guarantee that a Birthability course will teach you a range of skills to support both high and low risk birth scenarios.  The techniques we teach are 100% relevant for all course attendees and we will teach you the simple ‘3 foundations to achieving a better birth’ and help both you and your partner remember these skills on the day of your baby’s birth.  

Our courses are held over 4 weeks on Monday evenings between 6.45pm – 9.45pm.  

(You will also be invited to an optional ‘women’s only’ daytime teaching session during pregnancy and a postnatal drop in session following the birth of your baby)

Expecting Again?

We are committed to supporting parents throughout their entire parenting journey, and we know that having a baby for the 2nd/3rd/4th time can be just as scary (sometimes more so) than it was the 1st time around. 

Our “Expecting Again” course – a shortened course over two evenings:

  • Revisit vital information from your first antenatal course
  • Look at ways to improve your next birth experience
  • Considering the practicalities of looking after more than one child at a time
  • Learn how to introduce a new baby into the family successfully
  • Meet up with other parents that already have at least one child

Detailed course content can be found on our website —>

People Say

We hired Sarah and Sallyann last summer to be our doulas, for the antenatal classes and pregnancy yoga. I was planning a home birth and they were invaluable at giving us advice, confidence and information that helped me move to a trust that was far more supportive, and gave me so much support when we hit road blocks along the way. The pregnancy yoga was great fun (I loved the evenings we did it outside when it was 30 degrees!) And the antenatal classes were both intense but informative. I felt they covered both what we needed to know (scary as it seems at the time) and also how to get the birth we want. When the big day arrived Sarah was on call and she was fantastic at helping me and my husband (especially with my back pain!) And we had a perfect home birth. One of the best experiences of my life - Thanks guys!
Samantha Austin


Name:Sarah Cossey
Company: Birthability
Phone: 07545 124900
Areas:Warwick, Leamington & West Midlands

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