JoJo Norris


I have been working as a therapist since 2002. I started treating pregnant women around the same time and realised very quickly I could offer them more by studying Pregnancy massage. I qualified with Well Mother in Pregnancy massage in 2006. It was so unusual in Leamington that the local paper, the Courier, did a full page spread on me and my work! Since then I have treated hundreds of pregnant women. Many have continued to come and see me post-natal and have continued to be regular clients. They send me their husbands and parents and sometimes their children.

So why Bowen? Well I am always on the search for therapies to enhance my work. Over the years I have built up quite a tool box. I love Bowen. I use it mostly for my post natal mums. Bowen helps realign the pelvis and bring symmetry to the body after childbirth. I also use it when needed in Pregnancy (for example, a baby can be transverse because a mother’s hips are out of alignment) and, as I have also specialised in Hormone Bowen, there are protocols I can follow to help optimise anything from fertility issues to birth and other hormone related problems.

Bowen is a gentle technique that works by crossing the muscle to bring deep relaxation to the body. There are many Schools of Bowen. I originally trained in the Bowen School named,
Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST). This school trains practitioners who are already practicing therapists. Many Physiotherapists and chiropractors study this version of Bowen. Since my original training all my CPD courses have been Bowen. I am a member of BPTA.


Name: JoJo Norris
Company: Jojo Therapy
Phone: 07981 196371
Speciality Bowen, Massage, Aromatherapy

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