Gwenyth Mafham, RS Hom

Area: Stretton on Fosse and Warwick

I became interested in alternative approaches to healthcare after the difficult birth of my first child 40 years ago. I went on to have 3 positive experiences of labour and childbirth. The last 2 babies were delivered at home. I qualified as a homeopath nearly 30 years ago and currently have a very busy practice in The Cotswolds and in Warwick. My aim is to work in a collaborative and supportive way – recognising the importance of listening carefully during the consultation process and helping my patients to grow in confidence and self belief.

Homeopathy is practised worldwide as a therapeutic system. It works on the principle that ‘like cures like’- an illness is treated with a substance which could produce similar symptoms in a healthy person. However, homeopathic remedies are given in highly diluted forms and are, therefore, extremely safe and without side effects.

During the initial consultation, which usually lasts approximately 1 1/2 hrs., I endeavour to gain an in depth understanding of the person who has come for treatment. The homeopathic approach is holistic, recognising that there is a deep relationship between the physical, emotional and mental layer in human beings. The consultation largely consists of talking and exploring through dialogue, the areas causing concern to the individual. Children are sometimes invited to explain how they are through drawing. My consultations do not involve any physical examinations. After the consultation, a remedy is selected carefully to match the symptoms and state of the individual. Whether the centre of the case is focussed in the physical, e.g. irregular periods or the emotional/ mental e.g. insomnia, a well chosen homeopathic remedy will support the defence mechanism and enhance a state of balance, so as symptoms and negative feelings will begin to fall away and resolve.

I practice to the rigorous standards of the Society of Homeopaths Code of Ethics and Practice. Over a 10 year period, I worked as a homeopath for the NHS in Coventry with the Community Drugs Team, addressing issues of addiction and dependency. I supervise students training to be professional homeopaths and have enjoyed teaching many courses in Homeopathy for 1st Aid and Acute Illnesses.

My own experiences of difficulty and disappointment in pregnancy and childbirth led me to homeopathy and, since then, I have had the enormous privilege of using homeopathy effectively with many women struggling with problems of fertility, in pregnancy and in the post natal period.

If you would like to learn more about how I work or wish to make an appointment I would be delighted to discuss, in more depth, how homeopathy could help you.


There are many reasons why women experience difficulty conceiving. Sometimes there are hormonal issues that cause irregular menstrual cycles. This can be as a result of long term use of the contraceptive pill or a history of eating disorders, for example. For others, high levels of anxiety or stress can interfere with the healthy functioning of the reproductive system. Homeopathic treatment takes into account the whole picture of a woman’s health, piecing together all the factors that may be contributing to problems with fertility. Not only is homeopathy frequently seen to be effective but it is also quite safe and still works when used in conjunction with conventional procedures and treatments, such as I.V.F.


Some women bloom in pregnancy, others find it uncomfortable and struggle with unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, heart burn and insomnia. Pregnancy is often a time of emotional highs and lows: excitement but also anxiety. Homeopathy is completely safe and well suited to supporting women during pregnancy. It has a long history of efficacy from conception to birth.


Although I have attended several births in my capacity as a homeopath, I do not usually offer this service. However, I frequently supply remedy kits for labour and the post natal period. The kit would be accompanied by printed instructions and given at a consultation with me, during which I explain how and when to use the remedies. Although I cannot attend births, I am frequently contacted by birthing partners and doulas during labour to given additional support and advice about remedy use. I am happy to make myself available by phone if I am able.


I have a great deal of experience working with babies and very much enjoy doing so.
I have 4 children of my own and recently became a grandmother. Homeopathy an effective and entirely safe treatment for babies. The remedies are easy to administer; either in the form of a tiny amount of powder or in a drop of water. Babies are most frequently referred for homeopathic treatment following a traumatic delivery leading to an unsettled state, wind/ colic, sticky eyes, nappy rash and teething.


For a minimum of 5 people, I would be happy to arrange a day workshop or a series of classes on:

Homeopathy for Babies and Children
Homeopathy for First Aid and Acute Illness.


Name:Gwenyth Mafham
Address: 1, Manor Cottage, The Green, STRETTON on FOSSE. GL56 9SQ
Avon Chiropractic Healthcare, 54, Saltisford, WARWICK. CV34 4TD
Phone: 01608 664537
Speciality Homeopathy
Qualiifications RS Him

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