Beth Davies

Helping people with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) get back to exercise without fear or lots of rules

In 2013, I left the work hard, play hard mentality of the media and advertising world, and took a leap of faith to create a fitness business. This was NOT based on shouting at people to work harder, putting clients through punishing workouts, or placing them on restrictive diets. Instead, I encouraged women to make small lifestyle changes, ones that made a huge difference to their physical and mental health.

Having already worked within the fitness industry, I noticed how women’s needs were often underserved. They were encouraged to train hard regardless of their phase of life. Many trainers seemed to ignore a multitude of factors (or just not ask) including pelvic health, sleep, and stress patterns, menstrual cycles, and sustainable nutrition.

After having my daughter, my business evolved, and I started working with pregnant and post-natal fitness clients. It was the clients experiencing pelvic health issues (prolapse and leaking) whose lives were transformed the most by addressing these issues and helping them to build strength and confidence. Both in their pelvic floor and their athleticism and athletic goals.

I don’t believe pelvic/core health should be the barrier to the athletic life you so desperately want. I combine physical training and habit and mindset coaching to take you from anxious to athletic. This approach builds confidence and trust in your body so that you can run, lift weights and even jump on the trampoline without worrying. Over the past seven years, I’ve helped many women move on from their pelvic floor issues and lead wonderfully active lives again.

My clients are often navigating postnatal healing, their core, and pelvic health, their new identity as a mum, as well as their athletic dreams and desires, and part of my role is to support them through this.

Of course, pelvic health is just one element of your health so I offer a holistic approach that also combines nutrition (and how to apply it), an in-depth understanding of hormones, body image, and gentle coaching which all influence your journey.

Now as a 40 something mum of 2 young children, I have brought together my years of working across exercise, pelvic floor & core issues, nutrition, intuitive eating, and women’s health, to create a coaching business that truly meets the needs of women as they navigate their pelvic health and total wellbeing.


Name:Beth Davies
Phone: 07947498341
Speciality: pelvic organ prolapse (POP)

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