Massage / Aromatherapy

Massage is the therapeutic practice of manipulating muscles and limbs to ease tension and reduce pain, to aid a person’s health and wellbeing.  In Aromatherapy this is enhanced by the use of natural plant essential oils to improve physical and emotional health too.

Our Massage / Aromatherapy Practitioners:

Sue Leatherdale – MIFPA, MBRA
07981 196371

Kenilworth, Leamington Spa and Coventry

I have been an Aromatherapist for over 20 years, developing a special interest in fertility and pregnancy along my own road to parenthood.  I have undertaken a variety of postgraduate courses and love the safe and gentle support professional Aromatherapy can offer at this time in life.  I work with clients before, during and after undertaking fertility treatment, and can support either or both partners at all stages of their journey.

JoJo Norris
07981 196371

Leamington Spa.

In 2006 I completed an intensive course studying massage and exercises specifically designed for all stages of pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. Since that time I have had the privilege of caring for many women throughout their pregnancies, some up to 3 times!

Alison Watkiss

Alison Watkiss
07968 138136


I have been a qualified holistic therapist since 1995. After finding reflexology and aromatherapy so beneficial during both my pregnancies, I decided to specialise in this area.

PBN - Pregnancy and Birth Network

This unique local network is a group of highly trained and trusted independent practitioners with a special interest in pre and post natal care.