Bernadette is a qualified Midwife and Nurse. She is also a Registered Personal Trainer specialising in pre & postnatal fitness, well-being and weight management. She established Phys-ogue in 2010.

Phys-ogue is an independent service providing enabling programmes based on sound advice and health guidance. Services range from bespoke personal training and small private groups, to the flagship pregnancy exercise class “EXPECTATIONS” and the postnatal “WHEELIE FIT MUMS” group.

A comprehensive fitness programme is available from pregnancy right through to the end of the first postnatal year.

The Phys-ogue philosophy recognises that both physical and mental well-being are integrally linked to lifestyle. It also recognises that if programmes are not flexible and enjoyable, then they often just don't happen! So, Bernadette aims to enable women to manage their fitness and well-being in a way that works for them. This may be by way of a fully comprehensive individual package or by joining one of the group classes.

“I have over many years, spent watching, waiting, helping and caring for women during birth, come to the firm conclusion that one of the single most useful things a woman can do in preparation, is to be fit and strong. It is this belief that motivates me in what I do.”



Pregnancy Exercise – “EXPECTATIONS” ®

Wednesday: 18.30hrs

This one hour fitness and toning session is designed specifically for pregnancy and is adaptable to all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy. As pregnancy progresses the programme adapts to accommodate changing needs.

A gentle warm up phase including suitable stretches is followed by a carefully controlled cardiovascular work up and work down using intervals of CV and toning exercises. Music is played, but the session is not choreographed.

Core muscles are given particular attention, as is the pelvic floor. The “cool down” phase is followed by a short “relaxation in preparation for birth” exercise, before a final stretch and farewell.

The group is very relaxed, casual and welcoming with plenty of opportunity to chat. Max group size is nineteen.

Postnatal Exercise – ”WHEELIE FIT MUMS”®

Thursday (Kenilworth ) 11.00am

This weekly one hour fitness and toning sessions for mothers with baby in buggy, aims to provide an enjoyable, sociable, informative and safe way to gradually work on fitness levels at a comfortable pace. The “Buggy fit style” session helps with establishing the routine of postnatal exercise in the fresh air with your baby on “Good Weather” days and an indoor sports hall is available on “Poor Weather” days all year round.


Individual sessions are available by arrangement – see website for further details.