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Aromatherapy is a form of complementary therapy that uses aromatic essential plant oils and touch, in the form of massage, to aid physical and mental wellbeing. Massage is the rubbing and kneading of the muscles and joints of the body to relieve tension and to improve health and wellbeing. It has been used as a healing therapy for many thousands of years. Reflexology is based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body.  By working on the reflex points which relate to specific areas of the body this gentle therapy aims to help the body to rebalance itself and improve health and wellbeing.

Jojo Norris

Jojo Norris - Jojo Therapy

Massage, Aromatherapy

The Cotton Nappy Company - 41 Russell Street, Leamington Spa. CV32 5QB
Neal's Yard Remedies, 106 Regent Street, Leamington Spa. CV32 5WR



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Federation of Holistic Therapies
Well Mother
Dorn Method Therapists Association
British and European Spinal Touch Association


Area: Leamington Spa

Holistic Massage for Pregnancy - Jojo Norris, IIHHT, MICHT, APNT

  • For pregnancy, childbirth & post-natal recover
  • Alleviate back & shoulder pain with massage and specially designed exercises
  • Relax & de-stress - feel nurtured
  • Optimise the health and well being of you and your baby
  • Feel empowered & prepared for labour
  • Access experienced therapists for extra support & advice.

In 2006 I completed an intensive course studying massage and exercises specifically designed for all stages of pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. Since that time I have had the privilege of caring for many women throughout their pregnancies, some up to 3 times! I am based at The Cotton Nappy Co. and Neal's Yard in Leamington Spa.  As a well established therapist and a founding member of the Pregnancy and Birth Network I can always recommend the very best of local therapists. You may want to explore complementary health care for any of the common complaints in pregnancy. Consider yourself in safe hands and a caring environment that will nurture you and your baby, supplementing and building on the care you are already receiving from your midwife.

I am a qualified massage therapist. I studied my post-graduate Diploma in Pregnancy Massage under Suzanne Yates (Well Mother), the prestigious writer and worldwide leading light on massage and shiatsu for pregnancy. As an aromatherapist I have also completed a certificated course in Essential oils for Pregnancy and Childbirth.

I have two children and was fortunate to have very positive birth experiences at home. I used complementary therapies throughout my pregnancies and births. I had excellent midwives and was always prepared to go to hospital and make use of modern technology, should the need arise. As a complementary therapist I believe in working closely with the medical profession.

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Please look at my website for more information (above).  To make an appointment it is best to ring/text me and leave a message, I will get back to you.  

For more information on safe complementary health care for pregnancy please see, 'Complementary Therapies for Pregnancy and Childbirth,'  available as a download on my website.

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