Gynae Disorders & Hormonal Imbalances

Gynae Disorders & Hormonal Imbalances

If conception hasn’t occurred after 12 months there may well be an underlying medical problem.  This could be caused by a variety of problems such as ovulation, periods, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, PCOS, tubal abnormalities, hormone levels or male infertility.

Our Gynae Disorders & Hormonal Imbalances services:

Acupuncture Practitioners:
Kerry O’Grady | Floraine Eastelow | Eileen Gilmour

Aromatherapy Practitioners:
Sue Leatherdale | Alison Watkiss

Bowen Practitioners:
JoJo Norris

Homeopathy Practitioners:
Gwenyth Mafham

Reflexology Practitioners:
Sue Leatherdale | Alison Watkiss

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